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Smart Security Solutions is a Saudi company was established in the year 2018.

A multi-brand seller, CCTV services, network services, smart homes, data centers facilities & other IT services.

Smart Security Solutions supplies & supports industry leading products ranging from CCTV Solutions to Access Control Products, Time Attendance Systems, Converge Network, fire fighting system, Queuing Systems, Datacenter Facilities, Infrastructure, Digital Media Signage System & many more products & services.

Driven by Innovation & Customer care, Smart Security Solutions provides qualified professional services to a wide customer base ranging from small shops to large enterprises & individual customers.

Smart Security Solutions can serve your esteemed company in the whole of Saudi Arabia.


Our Services

At Smart Security Solutions we provide tailored Customer Solutions in the form of Professional Services. In these cases, a team of appropriate Smart Security Solutions Technologies professional work with our customers to craft solutions leveraging our skills and practices that best fit the customer’s needs, objectives, and constraints. Our range of IT solutions includes:

CCTV system 

We understand that our clients have their individual needs. 

Whether commercial premises or residential property, we are able to identify each clients’ necessities. Some requirements include but are not limited to: 

• Overseeing your cash registers and employees 
• Keeping your premises and loved ones protected at all times 
• Screening movement in a particularly high-risk area 
• Preventing Shoplifting 
• Monitoring vandalism 
• Keeping an eye on unwanted visitors scrolling around your home 

The reality is that installing a reliable CCTV Camera is a practical move because a security kit gives you that preventative upper hand when it comes to safety. Whether you own a business or simply want to keep your family safe and sound, such equipment is a must. That said, it is not only important to install a CCTV camera, you also need to ensure that it is a product which is as trustworthy as it is top-quality. It also needs to be well maintained by means of regular checks and maintenance. 

Digital Media Signage System 

Our Digital Media Signage (DMS) is the answer to organizations that are searching for a way to promote their products & services in a building facility. DMS enables display of relevant information concerning certain events, directions, or even welcoming message so people are guided accordingly, and staff organizers and members may focus on pure customer service. 

Digital Media Signage is ideal in such settings as hospitals, airports, schools, libraries, museums, hotels, restaurants, commercial complex, supermarkets, industrial sites, etc. 


Effective structured cabling systems facilitate efficient workflow in the workplace, without interruptions and network downtime associated with enterprise restructuring.

Hence, we understand IT network infrastructure can make the difference between business success and failure. Our advanced structured cabling products and solution provide flexibility and power to handle mission-critical, bandwidth issues, and emerging applications.

We design, build, and maintain structure cabling infrastructures that support multiple voice, data, video, security and multimedia systems.

Datacenter Facilities 

A datacenter facility (comprised of computers, web servers, application servers, database servers, switches, routers, load balancers, wire cages, vaults, racks, & related equipment) is a critical part in a business operation for this is where a company’s important digital data & information are stored, managed, processed, and exchanged. 

We understand the huge concern for secured datacenter facility, thus we take great pains to meet client requirements and international industry standards and recommendations to ensure our datacenter facilities can manage the hurdles of security breach and other physical challenges.

Firefighting System 

We provide effective fire protection systems for residential, commercial and industrial sites. 

Ensuring total safety and quality of our systems during engineering and installation stages. 

We recognize international standards on human safety, asset protection, and insurance concerns during engineering stage and application implementation. 

Converge Network 

Converge Network involves IP Telephony, IPTV Systems, Video Conferencing, Digital Media Signage, Master Clock, Wireless Network Communication, and Network Security

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